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Nov 21, 2016

We talk with Nick Mattingly of Switcher Studio for the second time since Episode 37.  Nick introduces Switcher Go which is pecially designed for video creators on-the-go, this free app lets you do more than just point-and-shoot so your videos are engaging and easy to share no matter where you are.


We talk Go and...

Nov 8, 2016

Host Niel Guilarte updates listeners on his recent podcast documentary, The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary ( and provides a personal product review of the Focusrite studio bundle, discusses his recent feature and provides his personal insight on the recent refresh and update of...

Aug 20, 2016

We launched on August 1, 2014 and 48 episodes later and 16,000 plus downloads later we are still here! Podcasters like Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Danny Pena of Gamertag Radio wish us Happy Birthday!

Jul 27, 2016

Not long ago at Podfest 2016 in Tampa Khadija Bazzi Hamdar had an idea.  She wanted to create a podcast that would help educate listeners on Islam and dispel all of the myths and misunderstandings of the faith.  Her goal was to show that ISIS bends the faith and its core values to manipulate and deceive and she wanted...

Jun 27, 2016

Stefanie Mullen of Rampant Design Tools drops by to talk about the back end of her company, how the Orlando attacks and tragedy have had an impact on business and we talk Final Cut Pro, Motion 5 and more!