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May 24, 2016

Executive producer Chris Krimitsos has spearheaded the creation and execution of the Podfest conference.  In its 2nd year, Podfest has attracted beginners, independents and pros to learn from one another and share ideas.  Now he has partnered with ATP host Niel J. Guilarte to produce his first documentary film on podcasting.   Directed and produced by Niel Guilarte the film will take a four man unit across Florida and across the nation to capture the stories in person and unfiltered.

Film editor Saulo Zayas has worked with Niel before on the short action film Cerrera and Lessons of Don Armando.  Now he has been brought on to piece this documentary together and weave the stories together for all to see.  We talk about his style, how he will deliver the vision that Chris has entrusted him with and more.